Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Floor Model Sale... Gross or Great?

From time to time Olinde's Furniture or Olinde's Mattress Superstore has what is called a "Floor Model Sale." Basically, the customer gets a huge discount on a piece of furniture or a mattress that has been used on the showroom floor as a model; hence "floor model" sale. Now, for some reason or another, customers generally have a strong opinion about floor models.

I work as a salesman at Olinde's Mattress Superstore in Baton Rouge, and mattresses are a perfect example to explain why customers react in one of two ways: "Gross!" or "Great!"

"Gross!" For many customers the idea of sleeping on a floor model mattress is disgusting. By the time I decide to sell a floor model at Olinde's Mattress Superstore, at least one hundred customers have laid on the mattress. So, I understand. The customer does not want to sleep on a mattress every night that a multitude of strangers have tested. However, let me try to explain why it is not so gross.

"Great!" In my experience, the customer who buys Olinde's Mattress Superstore's floor models are price driven customers. Could it be that these customers don't mind a little dirt? No, I believe it is because price driven customers are looking for the absolute best possible deal. Floor model mattresses are the best possible deal because they are heavily discounted (sometimes as high as 50% off). Okay, so saving money does not explain why floor models are not gross. Here are three reasons why they are not gross:

1) Customers are supervised when they try out our mattresses. They are not taking off articles of clothing or shoes when they try our mattresses. Plus, every mattress comes equipped with a shoe guard to keep shoes from dirtying the mattress, and pillows come equipped with napkins to keep a customer's head off the floor model.

2) I am just as concerned as my customers about keeping our floor models clean. Cleanliness is important on our showroom. Plus, what customer in their right mind would buy a dirty-looking mattress? You got it, no one. 

3) Very few people sleep directly on their mattress. Every mattress should have a mattress protector/cover and a set of bed sheets. So, there should be two barriers between the person and the surface of the mattress. That explains why it feels nice to get into a bed with a fresh set of clean bed sheets.

Floor model mattresses are a great way to save money, while getting the exact same mattress at a discounted price. Yes, there may be minimal wear and tear, but the condition of the mattress is still outstanding. Furthermore, if the floor model mattress was not in sell-able condition, then Olinde's Mattress Superstore would not sell it as a floor model.

If you are interested in any floor model sales at Olinde's Mattress Superstore or Olinde's Furniture, then please feel free to come into our locations, call me at 225-378-3003, or email me at

- Andrew J. Olinde, Jr.    

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