Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Don’t Forget the Bedding Accessories

As the sales manager at Olinde’s Mattress Superstore I always try to tell customers they are not just buying a mattress, they are buying a sleep system. Sleep affects daily things in people’s life, from the mood you are in to your body’s ability to heal itself. So you are not “just buying a mattress,” you are buying a sleep system that can improve your quality of life.

Here’s the breakdown of the sleep system. The mattress is always included. That’s the easy part. The hard part is thinking about the other four variables: 1) Power base 2) Box spring 3) Mattress protector 4) Pillow. Let’s begin. A power base takes the place of a box spring, and it works well for customers who snore or have acid reflux. It also works great for customers who like to watch or read in bed (see picture below). How much does it cost? Remember that by not purchasing the actual box spring, you save an average of about $150. Then, you take into account that we have adjustable bases that start out at $799.

The box spring is the most common variable purchase for a sleep system. The box spring gives support and comfort to the mattress, and the box spring is almost always included in the mattress set price. The next variable is the very important mattress protector. Why is it important? Because every mattress has a warranty, and any type of stain on a mattress will void the warranty. A mattress protector will protect the mattress from stains and the potential of the warranty being voided. Olinde’s has queen size mattress protectors that start out at $89. Finally, the fourth variable is the pillow. 25% of your comfort during sleep is based upon the pillow.  Olinde’s Mattress Superstore has 19 different pillow options for our customers. Each pillow has a specific design that fits the need of a wide range of different comfort needs, from a pillow designed for someone who sleeps on their side to a pillow designed to sleep one degrees cooler at night (see picture below). We have pillows that start out at $59.

I tell you these things because when you sit down to estimate how much you want to spend on a mattress, please consider the whole sleep system, not just a mattress. Take into consideration the four variables that go into a sleep system in your estimation. But more importantly, always remember that we spend 8 hours a day on a mattress, so make sure that sleep time is spent receiving quality sleep that can improve your life.    

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