Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How Long Should a Quality Mattress Last?

Working at Olinde’s Mattress Superstore, I get many different questions from customers. From the old man who asked why don’t manufacturers make flip mattresses anymore to the middle aged woman who asked which mattress is the coldest? Each question is valid, and like my second grade teacher always said, “There is never a stupid question.” 
Many customers look at a mattress as an investment. Therefore, a common question I get is how long do mattresses last. The life span of a mattresses depends on two variables:

1) The type of material in the mattress. The hierarchy of material that goes into a mattress starts at the top with latex, then comes memory foam and then comes polyurethane foam/coils. A quality latex mattress should last fifteen years. A quality memory foam mattress should last ten years. And the combination of a quality polyurethane foam/coils mattress should last seven years.

2) How you treat your mattress. If you let your kids jump on the bed and you and your wife use your mattress to slide down the stairs, then take a few years off the above estimated numbers. However, if you use a mattress protector and the mattress is used primarily as a sleep system, then you can add a couple of years to the above estimated numbers.

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- Andrew Olinde, Jr.   

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